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Fini Compressors S.p.A. was founded in 1952 by Enzo Fini and a group of associates. In over 50 years of development and entrepreneurial experience, the company has become one of the most important European firms in the compressed air industry. The company's status is confirmed by the values that the FINI staff continues to pursue day in and day out: exceptional quality, product innovation and 100% concentration on the needs of its customers.

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The basic stages

  • 1952 Company foundation: electric motors production starts.
  • 1956 The first assembled electro-compressor.
  • 1961 Death of the founder, Enzo Fini.
             The first piston-compressor designed with belt drive.
  • 1972 The first compressor in the world with direct drive without transmission.
  • 1979 Assembly of screw compressors starts.
  • 1985 Launch of "C" series screw compressors.
  • 1989 Production of electric motors stops.
  • 1990  Medicair oilless compressors for dental industry.
              Merger with Dari Compressors.
  • 1991  Merger with Comaria, company that produces compressed air accessories.
  • 1992  Production of screw units starts; Fini Screw Division (FSD) founded.
  • 1995 Introduction of KSC small compact screw compressors.
  • 1996 ISO9002 quality certification.
  • 1998  Launch of the KSC5 direct screw compressor with 4 kW and 64 dB(A).
  • 1999  Establishment of FINI FRANCE.
              ISO9001 quality certification.
  • 2000  Introduction of Kaizen philosophy for "continuous improvement" (Lean Production).
              Establishment of FINI UK in Great Britain and SHINNI JV Company in China.
  • 2001  Establishment of FINI Nordic AB in Sweden and CAMACO Branch Office ASIA-PACIFIC in Hong Kong.
              Launch of Rotar GIGA, 55kW and 75kW industrial screw compressor.
  • 2002  Launch of Rotar CUBE, industrial screw compressor modular, compact and silent.
              SHINNI JV Company become Fini 100%: establishment of Fini Tai Shan City Shinni Air Compressor.
              Launch of ADVANCED range, the new two-cylinder belt-driven electric compressors: more air output,
              longer life span and lower rpm.
              In October 2002 Fini and Dari merged their companies into one.
  • 2003  Start costruction of new Fini establishment: extension of 8500 m2 will allow the creation of
              an only production unit for all Fini Group trademarks.
  • 2004 Acquisition of O.S.D. company.
             Begin of works for the FINI CINA plant extension to a surface of over 150.000 sq. feet.
  • 2005 End of works for the extension of FINI CINA plant.
  • 2006 Constitution of trades partnership with Fini Thailand and Fini-RMP India.
             Renewal and widening of Rotar production unit in Fini Italy.
             Birth of new coaxial pumps MK215-285.
             New Big Pioneer for special application.
             New silenced air compressors Pulsar.
             Launch of Rotar MCi (up to 37 kW) and Tera (up to 160 kW).
  • 2007 New MedicAir range (for medical use).
  • 2008 Comercial partnership in Australia: Fini-Austech.
  • 2009 The Rotar TERA range is implemented with new models up to 250 kW. 
             New Rotar K-MAX: coaxial gearless compressor from 11 up to 15 kW.
  • 2014 Birth of the new oil-free rotary spiral "SCROLL" range
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